The answers to some frequently asked questions

    Will picking my lock damage it? No! If a lock is picked correctly no damage will occur.

    Do I have to fit new locks to change the key? In most cases no. The locksmith will change the tumblers to create a new combination for the new keys.

    What is a "restricted key"? The profile of the key is covered by a patent or copyright. Key blanks are only available to locksmiths who are then able to cut them. In most cases only the locksmith who has built the system will cut the key and usually only if appropriate authorisation is given by the system owner.

    Should I change my locks when I move to new premises? Yes! Definitely! It should be done without question as any number of keys could be in circulation. If it is a restricted system ownership can be transferred, however you must obtain all keys and check with the locksmith to ensure correct numbers.

    Do thieves use skeleton keys & master keys? If locks are not "master keyed" no master key is available. Skeleton keys are a fallacy although some old "ward or lever" locks had minimal key changes and a "skeleton" key could be made. However today's average quality pin tumbler deadlock has approximately 70 000 operating combinations.

    What training does a locksmith have? The locksmith of today is a skilled tradesman. The under go a 4 year trade course which includes 3 years of technical college training. All locksmiths must carry licensing from the relevant statutory body. The Master Locksmiths Association carries on continuous training for locksmiths in the various disciplines involved in the trade.

    Should I fit deadlocks to my doors? In this day and age most insurance companies demand deadlocks be installed so as to comply with policy requirements. Deadlocks are an excellent deterrent to would be thieves

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