A peace of mind

    Is what you will get from an ASM installed alarm system. We are just as serious about security as you are and we will provide you with a tailor made alarm system to suit your needs.

    The System 236i from C&K is fully adaptable to many situations. ASM locksmiths uses this system as the base of a security solution to protect you and your property.

    If you care about quality the decision is simple as the 236i created by one of the worlds leading manufacturers of security products. Engineers have designed in more than forty four circuit protection devices into the system to protect it from lightning damage, and transients from the electricity supply and telephone lines that can destroy other security products.

    Alarm systems C&K Systems Inc

    ASM Locksmiths will provide you with a security system that is simple to use and is full of options so as to adjust your protection whether you are at home or out.

    The 236i system (pictured at the left) also has easy to see zone and system lights plus there is unique self-testing software, which completely test the entire system to ensure correct operation.

    The Dt-500 (pictured above right) is the motion sensor of choice for your security needs. It has large animal immunity so that only humans will be picked up letting your pet through without causing a false alarm, while mirror optics provide look-down zones directly beneath the sensor so as to detect an intruder attempting to sneak below the sensor.

    It is only after a personal consultation that your needs will be fully met. You have read about the best which we can offer. Let ASM locksmiths design and install a system which will give you the best in security and protection.

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